Ever seen Pinewood Derby cars like these?

The new, amped up cars glow in the dark and sport some sweet headlights and underbody lights.

It’s the latest way Scout Shop is making it easier than ever to seriously glo-up your traditional Pinewood Derby cars!

How to Install the New Pinewood Derby Kits

Installation is a snap. Here’s how to install the under-glow lights:

And here’s how to install the head and taillights:

What’s Your Pinewood Derby Car Look Like?

Are you planning to try the new lights? How about the glow-in-the-dark wheels and decals? Are you sticking to a more traditional car style?

We want to see it all! Share photos of your cars with us. We just may feature them on the site.

Note: Always check with your local pack, district or council to find the design and race rules for your area. 

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