We’ve switched to a new commenting platform on Bryan on Scouting that will make it easier to have a conversation with your fellow volunteers.

It’s called Disqus, and if you’ve recently read or posted a comment on People.com, Mental Floss, CNN or thousands of other sites that use Disqus, you’ve seen it in action.

Several readers have emailed me to ask about the new platform, so I thought I’d share a quick overview about what’s new and why it’s better.

1. You can log in or leave a comment as a guest.

Disqus allows users to log in using their existing Facebook, Twitter or Google accounts. You may also create a Disqus account that will allow you to leave comments on any site that uses the platform.

You do have the option to leave a comment without logging in. Just click the box labeled “name” and check the option for “I’d rather post as a guest.”

Note that visitors who post as guests will not see their comments appear until they are moderated.

2. You can add photos and links to your comments.

Share a photo from your recent adventure or a link to your favorite Dutch oven recipe.

Comments have never looked better.

3. It works well on any device and updates in real time.

Whether you like to leave comments on your phone, laptop or tablet, the interface just works.

Plus, to keep the conversation flowing, new comments appear in real time. No need to refresh.

4. Spam and disruptive comments are gone.

Better moderating tools for us means it’s easier for you to enjoy a productive discussion with other leaders.

Speaking of …

5. There’s a new comment policy.

You can read the full thing here, but it really boils down to this:

  • Comments that are Helpful, Friendly, Courteous and Kind will be approved.
  • Comments that we find to be hateful, inflammatory or harassing may be removed.

That doesn’t mean we’ve outlawed negativity. Comments that are critical while remaining on-topic and civil are always welcome. As they teach us in Wood Badge: Feedback is a gift.

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