Read how April and Miguel Rivas, Scouter parents from Circle Ten Council, passed their passion for the great outdoors on to their children through family Scouting adventures in this ‘Families Like Mine’ story. 

What Scouting programs are you connected to?

April: We, Miguel and I, are involved in Cub Scouts and Scouts BSA as adult leaders. We have two Cub Scouts, one child in Scouts BSA, as well as one future Scout!

How long have you been involved in Scouting?

April: We have been involved in Scouting for six years, ever since our oldest child became a Tiger Scout in 1st grade. Miguel serves as a Wolf den leader, I serve as our pack’s assistant Cub master and Camp Chair, and we both serve as committee members at the troop level as well. 

How did you first get involved in Scouting, and why? 

April: I knew that as soon as my oldest child was old enough, we were going to put him in Scouts. Obviously, the values and character-driven program is incredibly powerful in shaping our youth as they grow, but I really wanted my child to have outdoor experiences with other youth. Growing up, I went camping regularly with my family (which I admittedly didn’t always enjoy at the time), but as an adult those are moments that I cherish. Miguel, on the other hand, never had outdoor experiences growing up and now loves to be outdoors– fishing, shooting, hiking, and camping. These are experiences that we want our children to have, and I feel like it’s more important now than ever to disconnect from our busy schedules and technology-rich environment and enjoy the great outdoors.

My eldest has tried many different sports and extracurricular activities, but the one thing that he wants to keep at year after year is Scouting, and I think that speaks volumes. As we’ve gone through the Scouting program, our younger children have been actively involved in many elements of Scouting as it is very family oriented. Our other children have eagerly awaited their turn to officially become Scouts with our second-to-youngest joining the Lion rank this year!

What has been your favorite Scouting experience and why?

April: We love going on family campouts. It’s so nice to go out and enjoy the outdoors with the whole family. All of my children, even the ones not old enough to officially be Scouts, are always asking when we’re going to go camping again. I love seeing them so excited to just be outside exploring!

What is the most important thing about Scouting that you think people should know?

April: I think that people should be aware that no matter their beliefs, Scouting’s curriculum is focused on shaping our children into good, hard-working, self-sufficient, value-driven adults with good character. We all want to make sure that our children and future generations are the best people they can be, and Scouting does just that!


Special thanks to Scouters April and Miguel Rivas from Circle Ten Council for sharing their family’s story.


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