The Boy Scouts of America organization name will continue to be Boy Scouts of America. It is not changing.

Reports started circulating on Wednesday, May 2, concerning the update to the Boy Scout program name. That program currently serves boys ages 11 through 17. Beginning February 2019, the Boy Scout program name will change to “Scouts BSA” and will begin serving girls, as well as boys. 

Under the new name of “Scouts BSA,” that program, which is the same iconic program it has always been, will continue to offer Scouting in single-gender troops, through which Scouts – ages 11 through 17 – can work to earn the Eagle Scout rank.

Before, during, and after that program name change, the overall organization name will continue to be Boy Scouts of America.

Both male and female participants in the Scouts BSA program will be referred to as “Scouts,” just as boys now in the Boy Scout program are often referred to as “Scouts.”


You can find more information about the announcement at ScoutingNewsroom and ScoutingWire. You can find more details about welcoming girls to Scouting at


Scouts BSA Troops Will Be Single-gender Troops

Concerning the single-gender troop structure in the Scouts BSA program, it will be as follows:

Troop structure will remain single gender, meaning a Scouts BSA troop will be made up of all boys or it will be made up of all girls. There will be no co-ed or mixed troops. Boys and girls will not be in troops together. Boys will be in troops with only boys, and girls will be in troops with only girls. 

This will take effect during a scheduled launch on February 1, 2019. 

Find more information about Scouts BSA at


Cub Scout Dens Will Be Single-gender Dens

The Cub Scout program, which serves youth ages 5 through 10 and had been available to boys since 1930, started serving girls in January 2018 through an Early Adopter program. Cub Scout registration will become available to boys and girls and in all councils starting in the Summer of 2018.

At the Cub Scout level, den and pack structures are as follows:

There will be three types of Cub Scout packs: all-boy packs, all-girl packs and packs that include a mix of girl dens and boy dens. Cub Scout dens will be single-gender: all boys or all girls.

This hybrid model builds on the benefit of a single-gender program while also providing character and leadership opportunities for both boys and girls.

For more information about the Cub Scout program, please visit

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