The new Annual Report for the Boy Scouts of America, 2018, A Year in Scouting, is now available to review and share. The report highlights and celebrates the impact that Scouting volunteers, donors, and youth have in communities all over the United States and beyond.

The report, which is delivered in a revised digital format this year, connects feel-good stories of impact and inspiration with a message of gratitude for the BSA’s many amazing volunteers, families, supporters, and alumni.

For those looking to reach out to share the story of Scouting with others, it’s an easy, compelling, and engaging way to deliver that message.

How to use the report to steward, inform, and recruit

  • Link to this microsite, 2018, A Year in Scouting, from your website or digital communications to connect your community to the larger Scouting family
  • Use the short snippet videos as quick feel-good pieces as you communicate with your key audiences, which may include volunteers, donors, families, or others 
  • Choose outcomes, measurements, and facts to help support recruitment efforts, donor conversations, grant applications, and more
  • For those crafting future stewardship and communication pieces to donors and volunteers, use the language throughout the report as a model  
  • Use the downloadable pdfs for those who prefer a printed option

Check out reports from previous years by heading to Scouting Newsroom.


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