Cameron Welch and his son, Zane, a 12-year-old Tenderfoot Scout with Troop 772 of The Woodlands, Texas, were heading home from a troop meeting on an evening in October. On a dark stretch of road near their neighborhood, they spotted a man walking in the ditch. Then, they saw the parked car — hazard lights flashing — and a woman standing by it along with children inside.

“It looked like they really needed help; it looked like something was wrong,” Zane told NBC Channel 2 of Houston.

The father and son pulled over and asked the woman if the family needed help. She explained her husband was looking for his wallet. Apparently, he had left it on the car’s hood while he was buckling the kids up in the back seat. He forgot about it; they started driving, and it fell off.

“Zane was quick to jump into action, wanting to help,” Cameron says. “I pulled back out onto the road and used my headlights, at which time we found the wallet.”

The family was ecstatic; they had just cashed a paycheck, and the wallet contained $720. Repercussions from the COVID-19 pandemic had hit the family hard financially, Cameron says. The Scout’s actions helped to make sure an accident didn’t add to the family’s struggles.

“Do a Good Deed Daily — it could change people’s lives,” Zane told the news station.

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