Tanya Acker, a judge on the hit television show Hot Bench, recently talked with major national media outlet Parade.com about her involvement with Scouting and her excitement about the opportunities available to young people as part of the Scouts BSA program. 

She offered her thoughts on the addition of girls to multiple Scouting programs, including the fact that girls will now be able to earn the prestigious rank of Eagle Scout as part of the Scouts BSA program. She shared the following with Parade.com:


“The Scouts is an incredible organization because it’s one of the few organizations and one of the few institutions where kids from a variety of economic backgrounds can have access to the sorts of activities and the opportunities that we provide. It’s an incredible leadership organization. And the rank of Eagle really means something; it means that you’ve achieved something that not very many people do and not even very many Scouts do. It’s a very small percentage. And so for me to see that young women in the program are now going to have the opportunity to compete for that and achieve that, I think it’s just incredible. I think that these opportunities and what Scouting has to offer kids is as valuable to young women as it has long been to young men. So I’m absolutely thrilled that we’re doing this.”


Be sure to check out the entire Parade.com article for all of Acker’s thoughts on the Scouting program as well as details on how she navigates an extremely busy schedule and maintains a healthy work-life balance. 

Acker can be seen on weekdays on the nationally syndicated Hot Bench, where she deliberates with fellow judges and rules on a variety of unique cases. 

(Photo courtesy of Hot Bench

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