Finally, a viral challenge Scouts can fully endorse.

It’s called the Trashtag Challenge, and it’s inspiring people on social media to pick up trash and share that good deed on Twitter or Instagram.

The concept of picking up trash, even if it’s not yours, should seem familiar. Scouts have been leaving outdoor spaces better than they found them long before Twitter or Instagram were invented.

But sharing that Good Turn on social media? That’s a new concept for most Scouts, who prefer to perform their acts of generosity without expecting credit.

Consider the Trashtag Challenge a two-part Good Turn: the cleanup act itself, followed by the post that inspires others to follow your example.

Rooted in Leave No Trace

Principle 3 of Leave No Trace teaches Scouts and Venturers to “Dispose of Waste Properly.”

The “pack it in, pack it out” method “motivates backcountry visitors to take their trash home with them,” according to Principle 3.

But Scouts don’t just remove their own trash; they pick up others’ garbage, too.

“It makes sense to carry out of the backcountry the extra materials taken there by your group or others,” according to Principle 3. “Inspect your campsite for trash or spilled foods. Accept the challenge of packing out all trash, leftover food, and litter.”

See that? “Accept the challenge.” Accept the … #Trashtag Challenge.

Share your #Trashtag cleanup

I’m guessing your pack, troop, ship or crew makes cleaning up public lands or waterways a part of its service project efforts.

So let’s see some photos from one of those recent projects! Bonus points if you have a “before and after” image of the beach, park or river you helped beautify.

Share your photo below. To upload an image, click the “upload image” icon in the comment box.

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