You found a cool link with useful information your Scouts could use for the First Aid merit badge. You could send it out in an email blast or post it on the troop’s social media page, but as time marches on, the link likely would get lost in those busy channels.

If only there was a source that would collect and prioritize helpful information in a handy digital format.

The BSA is seeking Scouts to beta-test a new app designed to do just that. It’s called the Merit Badge Helpers app.

Scouts ages 14-20 can apply here; they will need parental permission and any emails will also be sent to parents. Scouts should expect at least a four-hour commitment testing the app and providing feedback.

Initial design allows users to post links connected to merit badge requirements. These can be videos, social media permalinks, webpages — anything that Scouts could find helpful. Users can rate the usefulness of each link, increasing its ability to be seen. Every link will be reviewed before it goes live.

Watch the app tutorial here: 

Merit Badge App Tutorial from Boy Scouts of America on Vimeo.

Other feedback avenues

Scouters can provide feedback about BSA programs through the Voice of the Scout annual survey. It’s sent out every month to one-twelfth of the Scouting population. That means you should get it once a year and can respond via your computer, phone or tablet.

Many questions and feedback can be directed to your council’s leadership. If you have inquiries you’d like Scouting magazine to investigate, you can send an email to [email protected] with the subject line “Ask the Expert” or you can send a letter or story idea through one of these forms.

For Scout Life magazine, this page provides forms for readers to write Pedro the Mailburro, share an upcoming outing or highlight an outstanding Scout.

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