Although it might still feel like summer in some places, most units are looking forward to traditional fall activities. That means it’s time for Show and Tell, where Scouters show their favorite photos and tell the story behind them.

This time, we’d like to reflect on your summer adventures. What did you and your Scouts do this summer? Go on a family vacation to a national park with your Cub Scouts? Trek more than 100 miles at a BSA national high adventure base? Serve your community with a service project?

Maybe you had a Scouting reunion like the Dietrich family (pictured above). Dietrich brothers and cousins on separate Philmont Scout Ranch treks met at the top of Mount Phillips in July.

Can’t imagine a more wonderful place for a family reunion of Scouters,” David Dietrich says.

Let us know what you did this summer. Just visit You can also email us at [email protected], leave a comment below or share via social media using #ScoutingShowandTell.

You could be featured in an upcoming issue of Scouting magazine. The latest issue featured cool camping spots. For more Scouting Show and Tell topics, click here.

We also want to see other ways you make Scouting great, so if you have a funny skit, cool activity uniform or neat neckerchief slide, send them our way as well.

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