Zachary B. is a member of a Scouts BSA troop in the Boy Scouts of America Atlanta Area Council. He and his fellow Scouts were enjoying a day of whitewater rafting on the Nantahala River in North Carolina when they saw a boy in another raft fall into the river and become swept away by the current.

The Scouts knew they had to act quickly to help the boy, and they began maneuvering their raft in the direction of the young man. 

As one of the Scouts guided the raft carefully through the fast-moving waters, Zachary located the boy, and in one, quick motion, stretched out his hand, grabbed the boy, and pulled him into the raft.  

Though he was recognized for his actions at a recent Atlanta City Council meeting, as is typical of a Scout, Zachary doesn’t see himself as a hero. 

“I gave all the glory to God in this situation,” Zachary told WSB-TV Atlanta. “I was able to reach out with my left hand and pull him into the boat. Pulling him up with one hand. I mean, that’s just the strength of God.” 

The Rev. Dr. Raphael Warnock, who leads the Ebenezer Baptist Church where the troop is chartered, praised the Scouts’ actions. 

“They are young men of faith, and they have deep compassion and empathy for others and they took all that, with a dose of courage, and they saved somebody’s life,” Warnock said.

Be sure to watch the full report from WSB-TV Atlanta. 

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