It’s a story being called a “holiday miracle.” When their sled crashed into an icy pond, two young children were saved from drowning by a Scout who led his friends to form a human chain to rescue them.

Reminiscent of a scene from “It’s a Wonderful Life,” this real-life accident terrified the children and their parents, but the nearby Scout and his friends knew what to do to help save the day. 

Rich Heid, the children’s father, and Stephanie Irlbeck, the children’s mother, shared the story with Good Morning America.

“I started screaming, ‘Jump off, jump off!’” Rich said, recounting how he tried in vain to keep his children, four-year-old RJ and eight-year-old Olivia, from careening into the frozen pond on their sled. 

“You could see the fear in their eyes,” Stephanie said, adding that she also started yelling for help. 

That’s when Kieran Foley, a Scout who was nearby with his friends, heard the commotion, assessed the situation, and started putting a plan into action to help. Kieran and his friends formed a human chain to go in and rescue the children, and got them back to their parents.

Check out the amazing story from Good Morning America below.

all photos: Good Morning America

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