Lose weight! Feel better! Be more alert! In fewer than 30 minutes per day, you — yes, you! — can make a colossal change to your health. But wait; there’s more! Did we mention it’s free, nontoxic and has no dangerous side effects?

Obnoxious infomercial approach aside, there truly is something you can do for your health that fits each of those promises: Take a nap.

While napping can’t take the place of getting enough regular sleep, studies have shown it can boost your immune system, improve your memory and help you feel more alert. And Scout leaders know some quick shuteye can help you get through a week at Scout camp without feeling like a zombie by the end.

But not all naps are created equally. If you nap too late or for too long, it could backfire. Using the latest research and extensive testing, we put together this quiz about smarter napping. Take it now … or sleep on it and try your luck later.

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