The Boy Scouts of America’s publications, policies, procedures, guidelines, rules and regulations are designed to provide a safe and consistent program for Scouts across the country.

Trustworthy adult volunteer leaders would never knowingly allow their units to engage in prohibited activities. But what happens when leaders aren’t familiar with those policies?

Not knowing the program can put everyone, including your membership and our participants, at risk.

The Scouting program incorporates all kinds of activities — such as swimming, climbing, cycling, archery and snowboarding — that might include risks to participants.

The key is that those risks are managed by guidelines that set limits and incorporate specific features, such as safety equipment or qualified supervision.

When planning your next outing, ask this question: Is the activity in a handbook or other current literature of the Boy Scouts of America? If it is, then great — you know it is part of the BSA program.

If it’s not in a handbook or other piece of BSA literature, then it might be prohibited.

As of this writing, 21 activities are on the prohibited list. Read about them here — and then come back and take our quiz.

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