Hi, all! Sorry to stalk you through MTC’s website, but it was the easiest way I found to contact scouters. My name is Peggy Hawkins and I am the District Activities Chair for Walton Trail. I’m hosting a Rubik’s Cube team competition in Lebanon on November 11th. It is a little different from most Rubik’s Cubes competitions in that it is geared towards kids (6-18) and a team effort, solving 25 cubes together. It is free to register and teams can even get a free set of cubes for practice. There is a solo competition after the teams are finished, but solo competitors must be registered with a team. This is not a District activity, or associated with scouting at all really, just something free and fun I thought other scouts and scouters might be interested in. I found 5 scouts in the two units I work with and 5 random kids with two Facebook posts within about 10 minutes, so it’s more popular than you might think. Would you mind sending the information to your Districts? Here is a link for more info: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1zi0TMunMrnPjfweI_FvXn0K9SJDwkbi5s-F3iq3QWHM/edit

Thanks for your time!
Peggy Hawkins
Committee Chair, Pack 148
Advancement Chair, Troop 293
Walton Trail District Activities Chair
… and a good old Buffalo too!