For those of you who missed roundtable tonight, here is the February Newsletter.

We need units to sign up for refreshments and flag ceremony for March 3, April 7, and May 5. Please volunteer for this distinguished assignment!! Use this as a teaching moment for scouts and scouters alike – we all need to practice our flag etiquette.

I was really impressed with the number of leaders at tonight’s meeting. The Cub Scout side had a 39 representatives from 20 of our units (only 7 units weren’t present). ​That was a​
lmost twice as many leaders as last month (of course it was Camping kick off and Linda did provide foo​d)

The Boy Scout side had 45 leaders (up from 34 last month)! Both crews had at least one person ​there. It was GREAT!!​

​All in all, a GREAT meeting. I hope the trend continues for the next 3 months until summer camp.


2016-02-04 TOT RT Newsletter.pdf