Webelos Transition

Webelos Transition

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The passage from Cub Scout pack to Boy Scout troop should be smooth, with

  • no time lost in between.
  • Boys 101/2 who have earned the Arrow of Light may join Boy Scouts.
  • The preferred month to graduate your Webelos to Boy Scouting isFEBRUARY.
    • This gives the boys time to meet with the troop March through June to prepare for Summer Camp.
    • The boys may return to the Pack for graduation ceremony at a later date.
      • Such as the Spring District Crossover Event
    • It’s a win-win for the boys, Pack, Troops and Parents!
  • The key factor to improved Webelos transition into Boy Scouting is the ongoing working relationship of the leaders of
    • a Cub Scout pack and
    • a Boy Scout troop.
  • By planning and coordinating their efforts, the pack and troop can …
    • Help make the Webelos-to-Scout transition seamless.
    • Give all Webelos Scouts a chance to experience the fun and excitement of Boy Scouting.
    • Troops gain members and
    • Packs gain access to better ceremonies, camping, and Den Chiefs.

 Rhonda Tenpenny is the District’s Webelos Transition Chair.

  • Contact her for help in planning your Webelos I and II years to assure that boys join troops no later than MARCH of their 5th grade year.

Click to obtain a copy of Trail of Tears District’s “Webelos-To-Scouts Transition Plan”

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  • You can find unit contact information, meeting place, & troop profiles & web pages.

 BOTTOM LINE: It remains the Pack and Webelos leaders’ responsibility to plan and carryout the Crossover Ceremony, the Trail of Tears District is ready to help you make this an easy-to-do process.