Letter to Webelos Parents

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Letter to Webelos Parents


Dear Webelos Scout Parent:


Your Scout is about to achieve another milestone on the trail to Eagle. Earning the Arrow of Light and completing the Webelos program is an important step in a young boy’s life. Although it signifies the end of his Cub Scouting days, it signals the beginning of his Boy Scout Adventure. My name is Mike Pickering. I am the Trail of Tears District Webelos to Scout Coordinator, and I stand ready to assist your son in his transition from Cubs Scouts/Webelos to Boy Scouts.

While Cub Scouts and Boy Scouts are closely related, they are two separate and distinct programs. The Boy Scout program is designed to allow Scouts to participate in challenging and rewarding activities, while at the same time develop leadership skills and character qualities that will serve him throughout his life. Cub Scouts is an adult run program, while Boy Scouts is organized and run by the Scouts under the direction of trained adult leaders.

Boy Scouts is more than just camping. Studies have shown that participation in Boy Scouts has increased the scouts’ self-confidence and taught skills that they could not get elsewhere. Further, a study by the Harris Group revealed that men with strong scouting backgrounds maintain higher ethical standards, attain higher educational levels and show less anti-social behavior than do those with no scouting background.

The reasons for continuing on to Boy Scouts are many. My job is to help you select the Boy Scout troop that is right for you and your son. Troops are selected for a number of different reasons. Proximity to home or school, relationship to church or your current pack, or the activities on which the troop focuses on are just a few of the factors you should consider when choosing a troop. I have information on all of the troops in the District and will endeavor to answer all of your questions.

Boy Scouts is a wonderful program and provides an excellent environment in which your son will mature into a young man ready to take his place as a leader in society. I look forward to speaking with you soon.


Mike Pickering [email protected]