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Webelos Parents

By now, your Cub is ready for more exciting activities closer to Boy Scouting! The Webelos Program Prepares Cubs & families for Boy Scouting. Read A Special Letter to Parents.

Webelos-To-Scout Coordinator: Mike Pickering

Check Troop Locator to find a Boy Scout Troop in the Trail of Tears District (Cannon & Rutherford Counties) that matches your son’s needs.

District Membership Chair: Philip Martin

BSA’s Webelos Planning Guide is followed by the Webelos leaders to ensure your Webelos earns:

  • The Webelos badge in January of their 4th grade year
  • The Arrow of Light in January or February of their 5th grade year and
  • Joins a Boy Scout troopin March of their 5th grade year.
    • This gives parents and new Scouts time to plan for summer camp.
    • Attending camp the first summer is the best assurance of success in Boy Scouting.

Summer Programs in the Middle Tennessee Council

How Boy Scouting Differs from Cub Scouting

  • An Orientation for Webelos & Parents

Just for Parents:

  • A Parents’ Guide to help you understand your role in your son’s transition to Boy Scouting.

Trail of Tears District Webelos Transition Plan

The Trail of Tears District  Plan for Webelos-To-Scout Transition

  • How the Plan Helps Leaders
    • For the Webelos Den Leader: It means fulfillment
      • It means direct help with advancement requirements, parent/son overnighters, as well as a pleasant association with the troop.
      • The time spent with a boy is productive as seen in the boy’s desire to continue.
    • To the Cubmaster: It means assurance of
      • A stable Webelos den,
      • More graduations and better ceremonies,
      • Ready access to den chiefs and
      • Pack meetings that feature a lively Webelos den and Boy Scout troop guests.
    • For the Scoutmaster: It means more boys
      • already versed in Boy Scout and Tenderfoot requirements and
      • whose families have been supporting them in pack activities.
  • How the Plan Helps the Boys
    • Many Webelos Scouts will go on into Scouting with no help at all. But at least half of them need to know more about their opportunities for fun and adventure in the Scout troop. That’s really the purpose of the Webelos-to-Scout transition plan:
      • To give the Webelos Scout a sampling of the troop program, troop leadership, personal advancement, a training and learning experience and an appreciation of troop organization and relationships.
      • It will be the boy’s (and his family’s) decision so we owe it to them to demonstrate some of the fun experiences and to let him know that he is wanted.
    • Certain key Scout Leaders are better able to show the Webelos Scouts the various elements of Scouting. So we need to include everyone, starting with the Webelos Scouts themselves. That makes the transition plan an unlimited opportunity.
      • The boy’s Webelos badge and Arrow of Light Award reach into the requirements bordering on Scouting skills, giving him a view of Scouting advancement.
        • He sees boy leadership at work and senses his own potential as a junior leader.
        • He becomes more confident and enthusiastic about the patrol method, a district camporee, about summer camp, and maybe even a national jamboree.
        • In short, the boy’s desire for troop membership is the result of this gradual change in appetite for troop oriented activities.
  • The purpose of the plan is to give Webelos a sampling of the Boy Scout troop program, troop leadership, advancements opportunities, and the excitement of Boy Scouting.
  • All District packs are expected to use this plan.
  • Make sure that your son’s pack is following this plan.