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Crossover Ceremony

The  Center  is designed to aid parents, leaders, and scouts learn more about the world of Webelos.

The goal is to ensure that all Webelos:

  1. Earn the Webelos badge by January of their 4th grade year;
  2. Earn the Arrow of Light by January of their 5th grade year; and
  3. Crossover to a Boy Scout Troop  no later than March  of the 5th grade year.

By clicking on  the link   For Webelos Parents, Parents can see their special section. The remaining sections are aimed at  Pack and  Troop leaders. It is recommended that everyone review all sections of the Center.

The Trail of Tears District Membership Committee is responsible for designing and implementing a plan for the smooth transition to Boy Scouting with no time lost between the Webelos graduation and the joining of a Boy Scout troop.

Click to see the  Trail of Tears District  Plan for Webelos-To-Scout Transition

Notice to Scouters: This is a body of work gatherd from successful units from around the nation. Feel free to use anything to help your Transition Plan.

Yours in Scouting, T.O.T. District Transition Team

It should be the goal of the Cubmaster and Webelos den leaders to graduate every Webelos Scout into a Boy Scout troop.  The key to accomplishing this is to begin promoting Boy Scouting when Cub Scouts are still in their Tiger, Wolf, and Bear dens, and to sell the sizzle of the great outdoors.  Scouting should be viewed as an ongoing adventure, and the progression should be as normal as moving from elementary school to middle school.

The committee has appointed  Mike Pickering serve as our Webelos-To-Scout Coordinator. Mike will be happy to advise families, packs, and troops on all transition matters.

Please visit this area of the web site often, as we plan to continually add more to help you with the move to the next step on the Scouting trail!

Webelos transition patch

Click the patch to get the form to earn this Trail of Tears District Special Patch.

Philip Martin, District Membership Chair, will be happy to answer any questions about membership matters and the Webelos Patch program.

Webelos / Scout Discovery Days:  See Photos

District Boy Scout troops will set up Scouting demonstrations in the park so that Webelos and boys of Scouting age can get a firsthand look at what’s ahead for them in Boy Scouting when they join a troop.

This is a “come-and-go” event. Demonstrations will be continuous so you do not have to stay for the entire time period scheduled.

Parents will find this an excellent opportunity to learn the differences between Cub Scouting and Boy Scouting programs.