Pack Annual Planning

Pack Annual Planning

Packs are, or will be, planning their programs for the coming year. Program Helps  are usually in stock at the by May. Council Calendars and program previews are available at the VIP (Very Important Planning) events. Attend VIP and use the information to help plan your year.

Get as many people as possible involved in the planning. Hold it on the day and time when most will attend. Consider a breakfast meeting or a weekend barbecue. Mail postcards, and phone or email everyone.   Be sure to contact your Unit Commissioner so s/he can attend your planning sessions.

Here are some things to consider in your planning.

  • Keep your pack financially sound. Make sure you plan a budget at the same time. Ensure that you have a full financial team: your treasurer, money raising chair, pop-corn chair and Friends of Scouting representative. Encourage them to work as a team.
  • Plan your roundup. Contact your Scout Professional, Mike Cowles to coordinate your event. He will be happy to assist. Don’t forget to let your Unit Commissioner You will need a roundup chair, and probably a new Tiger Den Leader or two. Who will check with the schools or church where you recruit to set the dates for school visits and roundup nights. Assign several people to attend the District Roundup Kickoff in late August. The more who attend, the better chances you will have to recruit the leaders you will need next fall.
  • Plan a special event for every month. A visit, a party, a service project . These maintain excitement from month to month and take a load off den leaders. Assign one or more parents (NOT den leaders) to head up each event. A successful method is to allow parents to choose the month and event on a first-come-first-served basis. Their jobs are to arrange the details, set up any transportation needed, process tour permits and lead the event. These are once-a-year jobs that shouldn’t overtax most parents, but are very important to the success of your pack’s program.
  • Don’t let anyone leave until every boy has a parent doing something important for his pack. Every boy should have the chance to be proud of his mom or dad.
  • Invent jobs if you have to. Announce (with appropriate fanfare) all the names at your next pack meeting and print your schedule – with names – in your pack news letter. If you don’t have a pack news letter, there is another job!

Save a few jobs for the new parents you will recruit in September.