How Good is Your Pack

How Good Is Your Pack?

This brief quiz may help you determine whether your pack is running as it should.

If your answer to any question is “No”, then it’s time to take a hard look at your pack administration.

Did your pack carry out at least one goodwill project for your Chartered Organization or community last year?Yes   No
Is your pack administered through the pack committee and all pack leaders?Yes   No
Is work shared by all?Yes   No
Do your pack leaders hold a monthly pack leader’s meeting? Annual planning conference?Yes   No
Do all the dens in your pack meet weekly?Yes   No
Do parents attend the monthly pack meetings and other pack events? Do they have a part in them?Yes   No
Are your Tiger Dens meeting every month.Yes   No
Does your pack have a plan to transfer Cub Scouts into the Webelos den when enter grade 4?Yes   No
Do the Webelos Scouts graduate into Boy Scouting ?Yes   No
Does at least one of your pack leaders or committee interview parents of prospective Cub Scouts before they join the pack?Yes   No
Do your pack leaders attend monthly roundtables and annual Pow Wow?Yes   No
Do most of the boys entering Cub Scouts continue in your pack until they earn Arrow of Light?Yes   No
Do the Tigers, Cub Scouts and Webelos Scouts in your pack have fun?Yes   No