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Things I Wish Someone Had Told Me When I Started As A Cub Leader

On the occasion of my retirement from Pack 575 leadership, after 1 year as Treasurer, 3 years as Committee Chair, 3 years as Cubmaster and 5 years as Webelos Den Leader … all done in 7 years!


Stay safe on the trails,


Henry Mowry
Cub Program Chairman, Western LA County Council


  1. The quality of the Cub Scout Program is based on the quality of the Pack’s leadership.
    1. Bad program = Bad (meaning unprepared, uncommitted and probably untrained) Leaders.
  2. When recruiting a Cub Leader, set appropriate expectations for training, roundtable attendance, wearing uniform, holding meetings and preparation time.
    1. If the leader doesn’t agree before they are recruited, they won’t agree after they’re recruited.
  3. Hold campfire pack meetings.
    1. Get parents that are not outdoor-friendly to “try” an evening in the outdoors.
  4. Do hikes for all ages, Tigers – Webelos. Include many family members.
    1. Emphasizing hikes will increase the amount of outdoor activities in the program.
  5. Make sure the Pack pays for itself.
    1. Figure out the budget before the unit begins the year. Raise dues as necessary.
  6. Always have a trained Assistant Cubmaster ready to run a meeting if the Cubmaster isn’t there.
    1. Have the Assistant help at every Pack meeting.
  7. Find a way to get parents to Pack meetings. They should see their boys receive awards.
    1. Getting parents to Pack meetings so their boys can see other boys receive awards. If they see an AOL ceremony or Eagle Court of Honor, the boys will want to earn those awards!
  8. Have a Cubmaster, Den Leader Coach or other committee member attend randomly-selected Den meetings.
    1.  Make sure the quality of the program is consistent and high.
  9. Explain the sports & academic program constantly.
    1. Parents won’t get it and won’t remember it unless they are exposed to the program multiple times.
  10. Make sure the Pack library is available to the Pack.
    1. Don’t hide it in the Cubmaster’s closet. Make sure resources such as Pow Wow Books and craft materials are available to Den Leaders when they need them.
  11. Earn the Quality Unit Award every year. Review the requirements and file your Commitment form at the February Roundtable.
    1. Work on meeting your commitment all year long; review your progress with a Unit Commissioner at the October Roundtable.  Complete the remaining activities and file the application at the December Roundtable.
  12. Don’t repeat ceremonies every year, no matter how much some parents want it to be just like last year.
  13. Tell stories & do skits. Have the boys participate as much as possible when they will succeed at what you ask them to do.
    1. Don’t ask them to do something if they will fail.
  14. Begin and end every discussion with one question: “What’s best for the boys?”