Hey Trail of Tears District the Best District in the Council!

I wanted to touch base with everyone, hope all have had a great summer and loads of FUN.

As we near recruitment season, here are a couple of items for your consideration. Please make sure your “Be A Scout” pin is up to date. This is not only for Cub Scout Packs, but for everyone. This allows interested families to find your Unit easier. Nationally, we are moving into the era of online registrations. This fall (and currently in fact) families are able to register and pay for their registration online. For this to work though, your ‘Be A Scout” pin must be set up correctly. Please look over the information and video on this webpage for more information: http://www.scouting.org/onlineregistration.aspx

Additionally It is important for everyone to understand our new system for the insurance fee that we collect in this Council.

Registration into the BSA costs $24 a year. We have been charging $1 for this local insurance, and that fee just went up to $2; however, we are ONLY charging this fee at recharter time. Any other time you collect money for a new application (such as during fall recruitment season, through the online registration process, or any other time a new family joins Scouting), we will NOT ask for the insurance fee; so you only have to figure the prorate fee for registration (and boys life if they want it). The way to figure the prorate fee is to count the month you are in and count the month your recharter lands and then multiply the number of months x $2.00. for instance during an august roundup for a Unit rechartering in December, you would count August, Sept, Oct, Nov, and Dec. – 5 months x $2 for a fee of $10. Pro rate for Boys life is calculated the same but is only $1 a month so in the same example, the Boys life fee would be $5. The total fee with Boys life in this example would be $15. But at recharter time, the registration fee will be $26, and Boys Life will still be $12.

We will be sure to discuss this and be sure your questions are answered at the next Roundtable on Thursday August 3rd 6:30 PM at St Paul’s See you there!

Jason Flannery

Trail of Tears District Executive

Middle Tennessee Council

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