After trading their Boy Scout uniform for a police, fire or military uniform, some Eagle Scouts make the ultimate sacrifice.

The Line of Duty Fallen Eagle Recognition from the National Eagle Scout Association honors those Eagle Scouts who have died while serving as police officers, firefighters or members of the military.

“It is important that we recognize the sacrifices of Eagle Scouts, who, by their service, allow us to live the American dream,” said Rep. Pete Sessions, an Eagle Scout and NESA committee member.

Rules vary by state, but a Line of Duty Death can be the result of a traumatic event or an occupational illness, disease or injury. Any Line of Duty Death ruled by the agency the Eagle was representing at the time of death will be honored.

The process for applying for this recognition is outlined here. NESA will verify the fallen person’s Eagle Scout status, notify top BSA volunteers and professionals, and contact the deceased’s home troop and council.

Next, a presentation Eagle medal will be sent to the fallen person’s local council. The council will present the medal to the deceased person’s family at an appropriate time.

Finally, NESA will notify the Congressional Eagle Scout Caucus. The caucus will inform the members of Congress who represent the fallen Eagle.

Other ways to honor the fallen Eagle Scout

Friends, Scouters and family members can further remember the fallen Eagle with a gift in the Eagle Scout’s name to the NESA Scholarship Endowment Fund for the benefit of future Eagle Scouts’ education.

They may also purchase a Fallen Eagle sculpture from the NESA Store.

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