Not all Cub Scouts attend Eagle Scout courts of honor, but maybe more should.

You may agree with that sentiment when you hear the story of Robert.

Robert is a Cub Scout in Tennessee. His Pack 82 meets at the same place as Troop 82 — Harrison United Methodist Church in Harrison, Tenn.

After a recent Eagle Scout court of honor there, Robert was spotted looking at the troop’s Eagle Scout plaque. He was studying it intently, looking for names he recognized. Perhaps he was picturing his own name up there some day.

The keynote speaker at the court of honor had referenced that plaque in his speech. He said that there are no astronauts on the Troop 82 Eagle Scout plaque. No professional athletes or movie stars, either.

But like others of its kind, this Eagle plaque is full of inspiring men who have become great fathers, husbands and leaders. Becoming an Eagle Scout helped them get there.

Robert was in the crowd, hanging on every word. After the ceremony, Robert was getting in his parents’ car to leave when he asked to go back inside and read the names on the plaque.

Because of close multigenerational ties between the church and its pack and troop, several names on the plaque had meaning to the young man.

“His mom snapped this pic,” writes Kevin Martin, who sent me the photo. “The Cub looking up at the Eagle plaque aspirationally, with the Eagle program on the table, makes for a moving image. Hope you enjoy it as much as I did.”

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