1. PFD: (PFD)Type III, must fit, good shape
  2. PADDLE: Single blade w/ T-grip for canoes, double blade for kayaks, plastic or composite preferable
  3.  WATER BOTTLE: 32oz for water
  4. FOOTWEAR: Protection for feet when walking on sharp rocks
  5. CLOTHING: Appropriate for weather conditions. Polypropylene, capilene, thermax, fleece, or wool for insulation when wet. (no jeans, no cotton t-shirts)
  6. HELMET: Required for anyone in a deck boat or on Class III water and above.  Recommended for all.
  7. FIRST AID KIT: Basic kit in waterproof container. Fire starter, & space blanket should be included. Also include sunscreen.
  8. THROW ROPE: Rescue Bag type, not coiled rope
  9. WHISTLE: Attach to PFD
  10. DUCT TAPE: Necessity!