Is your Scout a “dinomaniac?” A passion for dinosaurs opens the door to learning other related sciences, including animal science, biodiversity, biology, geology and more. Plus, Scouts can dig deeper into paleontology through awards like the Geology merit badge or STEM Nova Awards.

You can help nurture their interest and curiosity about dinosaurs with resources from National Geographic Kids during Dinomania this May — a month-long celebration of all things dinosaurs. The Nat Geo Kids Dinomania page features all kinds of fun, educational stuff where youth can:

  • Hear from a renowned paleontologist
  • Devour fascinating facts, cool science and awesome art
  • Download a free dinosaur poster
  • Enter the Design-a-Dino contest
  • Discover quizzes, games and videos
Nizar Ibrahim excavating fossils in the Sahara. Photo courtesy of Nanni Fontana.

Dino discoveries

New fossils are discovered every week, and paleontologists are learning new facts about dinosaurs all the time.

During the past decade, paleontologist and Nat Geo Explorer Nizar Ibrahim and his team studied an excavation site of a Spinosaurus skeleton and uncovered more fossils. Their groundbreaking discoveries included fossils of the dinosaur’s paddle-like tail, suggesting the carnivorous creature not only hunted in the water, but likely lived in the water.

Listen to Ibrahim describe his team’s findings in this podcast.

These are the kinds of dynamic discoveries that make paleontology an exciting field.

Illustration courtesy of Franco Tempesta.

Let’s read

Scouts can read more about dinosaurs in these informative titles:

Discover more books and fun dino stuff on the Dinomania storefront.

Tune in to Scout Life‘s interview with paleontologist and Nat Geo Explorer Nizar Ibrahim on Trek@2 Facebook Live on May 3 at 2 p.m. CST. If you can’t tune in live, the video will be available on Scout Life’s Facebook page.

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