When the BSA announced that it would welcome girls into the Cub Scout program starting in 2018, that news was very exciting for families all over the nation, especially those with daughters who had already been participating in an unofficial way.

One such family, the Smiths of Asheville, North Carolina, shared their story with their local media at WLOS ABC News 13.

Their daughter, Asa, is a brand new Cub Scout, but she already knows the Scout Oath by heart.

“She’s been doing this … basically since she was born,” said her older brother, Otto.

Both of Asa’s older brothers are involved in Scouting, as are her parents, who are Scout leaders.

Having the opportunity to have Asa officially join in the family’s Scouting activities has been a very positive experience. One her dad says is part of a larger story for Scouting.

“Scouting has gone through a lot of changes in its existence, and I think that’s important, so it can continue to stay relevant,” he said.

You can watch the Smiths’ story at WLOS ABC News 13.

For more information about Family Scouting, be sure to visit www.scouting.org/familyscouting.

Do you know a family where sons and daughters are all now Cub Scouts? Share your story in the comments!

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