Story contributed by Anthony Vogl, Director of Development of the Seneca Waterways Council

Look carefully at the picture above. While it might look like these Scouts have their pencils ready to complete their SAT’s, they’re actually anxiously awaiting being called for their Eagle Scout Board of Review.

Through coordination of six separate Boards using every available meeting space at the Seneca Waterways Council’s headquarters, these 19 Scouts all successfully passed their Boards of Review on Tuesday, Dec. 19. What better present to their families than being an Eagle Scout during the holiday season? 

While many councils and districts still schedule the Eagle Boards on an individual basis, the staff at Seneca Waterways Councils saw an opportunity to bring Scouts and their families to the council’s headquarters to end the year on a high note. This gave donors and board members a chance to interact directly with some of the finest Scouts and truly see their investment at work.

“Our development staff is responsible for reaching out to our most important supporters and potential sponsors to invite them to sit on an Eagle Scout Board of Review. By doing so, they get to personally meet some of the amazing young men – future Eagle Scouts and leaders – and see first-hand the results their investment in Scouting has in ways that recognition at a special event or a thank you letter simply can’t deliver,” said Stephen Hoitt, Scout Executive of Seneca Waterways Council. “There’s tremendous opportunity to take advantage of the excitement that comes immediately after learning a parent’s son is now an Eagle Scout.”

Eagle Boards of Review are held at the Burt & Chuck August Scout Service Center twice a month throughout the year. Scouts arrive by 3:30 p.m. and the Boards typically wrap-up by about 5:15 p.m. Some districts, where distance to the office is prohibitive, host their own district boards.

“Our volunteers love spending an afternoon with these young men, and they leave on an absolute high,” Hoitt commented.

Scouting Wire would like to thank Anthony Vogl of the Seneca Waterways Council for submitting this story.

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