Turn off the TV — there are plenty of cool activities you can do at home. With the help of some of these Cub Scout activity kits, you can keep the Scouting momentum (and fun) going.

  1. Birdhouse woodworking kit: This one fits in with the “My Tiger Jungle” required adventure for Tiger Scouts (Requirement No. 5). If you have older Cub Scouts, this is a fantastic kit that they may be able to build on their own.
  2. Cub Scout magic book: I love this book because it has 200 ideas for games, puzzles, tricks and more. This book can help Tiger Scouts earn the “Curiosity, Intrigue, and Magical Mysteries” elective adventure loop (Requirement No. 1A), but it would be great for kids of all ages.
  3. Weather station science kit: Not only does this kit help your Wolf Scout earn their “Code of the Wolf” elective adventure loop, but it also would be a really fun kit to do as a family with Lion and Tiger Scouts. I know this because the other day, my 4-year-old daughter asked my husband to teach her a science lesson (completely out of the blue)!
  4. Cub Scout song book: Another totally simple idea but with some deeper meaning – it can be a tool for Wolf Scouts to work on the “Call of the Wild” required adventure (Requirement No. 6), and it is a fun family activity.
  5. Tin can robot science kit: I have talked about this one before (hint, there are also some tricks I learned in that other article!), and I will talk about it again – this is such a fun kit! Unlike some previously listed, this one definitely works best with the older kids. It is great for helping Bear Scouts earn the “Robotics” elective adventure loop (Requirement No. 4).
  6. Marbles: I remember playing marbles with my brother as a kid, and it is time to bring it back. This can also help Bear Scouts earn the “Marble Madness” elective adventure loop. A couple of marble game ideas:
    • Each person takes turns shooting marbles into or out of a circle (you can use a shoelace for the circle or draw a ring in the sand…use what you have).
    • I also found a fun one called “Archboard.” Grab an old shoebox, cut holes into it and assign each hole a random number. Take turns shooting your marbles into the holes to earn points. The person with the most points at the end wins.
    • Modify “Archboard” and play it indoors or outdoors on the ground. Mark off circles of varying size and length away from you, and take turns shooting your marbles into the circles for points.
  7. Smithsonian telescope/monocular: Use this to check out the night sky and bring objects 30 times closer! This is a great tool to have on-hand so Webelos can knock out another requirement (3F in the “Adventures in Science” elective adventure). Again, this is something that pretty much kids of all ages can enjoy with supervision.
  8. Smithsonian crystal growing kit: This would be a great project for Webelos working on the “Earth Rocks!” Adventure, along with a fun family activity to do. You can grow your own emerald green crystals and learn about crystalline habitats and crystal structures.

Looking for more kits and crafts to do at home? These science kits are amazing to have on-hand and these wood-building kits are fun to tackle as well. While you’re on ScoutShop.org, check out a “backyard camping” promotion going on this week.

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