It’s every mother’s dream to watch her daughter succeed and achieve more than she was ever able to. New Cub Scout mom Anita J. mirrors that sentiment as she watches her daughter join an all-girl Cub Scout den – an opportunity she always hoped for as a child.

Anita said she is thrilled her daughter Mia gets her chance to be part of the den.

“She’s super excited to just be part of something,” Anita shared with KPTV. “Growing up, my brother was a Cub Scout, my parents were den leaders. I got to go on all these outings but not necessarily a part of it.”

Anita shared a photo from her childhood with FOX 12 showing her overlooking a group of Cub Scouts, clearly disappointed that she can’t join the group.

“It’s a picture of me looking down, but not a part of it and really wanting to be a part of it,” Anita explained. 

But now, thanks to the BSA’s historic move to welcome girls into the Cub Scout program, her daughter Mia can participate in all the adventures Scouting offers. 

To read the full story visit Fox 12 Oregon.

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Photo credit: KPTV.

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