It’s monumental enough being one of the first girls to join Cub Scouts as part of the BSA’s early adopter program – but Ana G. is also one of the first Latina girls to join the program, and she’s showcasing how Scouting is a great fit for families of all backgrounds. 

Ana was recently featured in Forbes in the publication’s Women@Forbes section, where she talked with reporter Vivian Nunez, who specifically covers stories of Latina trailblazers. 

Joining Cub Scouts has been meaningful for Ana in a number of ways, including how Scouting has involved her whole family. Particularly, Ana is thrilled to follow in the footsteps of her brother, who she credits as her biggest role model. Now, Ana can engage in the program in the same way her brother has.

“When my mom told me that girls were allowed to join Boy Scouts, I asked my dad if he could be my den leader,” Ana shares with Forbes. “He said yes and a few days later, we went to buy all our uniforms together. He got his full uniform.”

Ana’s mother appreciates the BSA’s decision to welcome girls into Cub Scouts and says she didn’t hesitate to enroll her daughter in the program.

“I grew up being a Scout,” explains Ana’s mother, Celina. “So when Boy Scouts of America announced that they decided to better serve families by welcoming girls to join the Cub Scout program, it was a no brainer for me. I want to provide her with the same opportunities that my son had been able to have through Boy Scouts of America.”

Ana’s participation in Scouting has uncovered opportunities for leadership in her family in ways she could have never expected. With Ana taking the lead, her father has also become involved in the program and that’s a feat she’s proud to have achieved. 

“Ana is making an influence in her family without even realizing it, and we know she will have a greater impact in the community, in other little girls and boys,” shares Celina.

When asked how important it is for Ana to bring her Latina culture to Scouting, Celina replied: 

“My hope is that other families will see our experience in Boy Scouts of America and feel encouraged to join. Boy Scouts of America is for all families of all backgrounds. There are many aspects of being Latina that I think enrich my daughter’s life and overall experiences. As a Latina, I also think she influences other girls and families in Cub and Boy Scouts. We know Ana is paving the way for her generation and setting an example for other Latina girls and families to get involved.”

To read the full story, along with an insightful Q&A between Forbes contributor Vivian Nunez, Celina, and Ana, head to Forbes.

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