In less than a week, the Summit Bechtel Reserve will welcome more than 40,000 Scouts and leaders from around the world for the 24th World Scout Jamboree. It will be a monumental event, last hosted in North America in 1983 (Canada) — and in the U.S. in 1967.

If you aren’t going for the two-week event or visiting for the day, you and your Scouts can still participate from home.

The Join In Jamboree program has several activities outlined for your unit to learn more about the world and the Scouting movement, some of which could count toward advancement. Some suggestions include learning foreign phrases, preparing traditional meals from another country or playing games that originated from a different culture.

Other activities include serving and sharing your project in the Scouts Make It Happen campaign. Since 2015, Scouts recorded more than 1.2 billion service hours globally. Participating in the Make It Happen campaign is just one more way Scouts can show the difference they’re making in their communities.

Follow along

Four Scouts from the U.S. Contingent were selected to be Global Ambassadors for the Jamboree. They will be blogging about their experiences during their time in West Virginia; they are Alexa Agamalian, Jack Carlsen, Jakob Christiansen and Sahil Singh. You can read their profiles here.

You can follow the contingent’s Facebook page, blog and other social media for updates from the Global Ambassadors.

On social media, you can follow the hashtags: #WSJ2019USA and #ScoutJamboree

You can also watch New World Live!, a live news and entertainment show broadcast online every morning and evening, which will recap events and stories, as well as preview the next day’s activities. The evening stadium shows will also be broadcast online; these include the opening show on July 23, the unity show on July 26 and the closing show on August 1.

If you are able to visit the Summit, there are still day visitor passes available for most days. Read what you can do as a visitor here.

You can also follow along on this blog. World Scout Jamboree attendees and visitors are welcome to share their experiences, photos, etc., with us to highlight by emailing to [email protected].

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