Chess Fest

For years you’ve been telling us you and your Scouts are really – like really – into chess. And we heard you loud and clear.

Nov. 1-5, the Scout Life team will be live daily at 2 p.m. with chess experts, tips to improve your game, giveaways from Scout Shop and a DIY chess set how-to.

The week will culminate Friday with what we’re considering the most epic chess match of all time. Our Facebook audience will work together to challenge Eagle Scout and chess grandmaster Kayden Troff to a chess game unlike anything you’ve ever played before (with an unbelievably accomplished opponent).

Kids of all ages are invited to join. Even Cub Scouts who aren’t yet earning merit badges can benefit from tuning in. We’ll kick off the week with the basics of chess so even someone new to the game can be fully engaged in Chess Fest.

If you or your Scouts are planning to work on the Chess merit badge, talk with your counselor to see if any of the week’s activities will help you land some requirements (perhaps requirements 3 and 4?).

Boy scouts playing chess at the Sustainability Summit

What’s the schedule for Chess Fest?

Monday, Nov. 1

Learn how each chess piece moves and the rules of the game from Saint Louis Chess Club‘s Scholastic Manager (Bonus: He’s an Eagle Scout!).

You’ll also find out where you can take online chess merit badge classes and snag a free tool that will help you learn how to note your chess moves (you’ll see why this is super important to advance your skills).

Tuesday, Nov. 2

Find out how you can get your hands on a chess board: make one, buy one or use a digital board!

We’ll show you some of the boards the experts use and some that can come in handy if you’re taking a board on the go. And Scout Shop is offering up game sets you can stash in your daypack. Just comment during the show for a chance to win.

Wednesday, Nov. 3

Learn about chess tournaments, how you can sign up for one and how to host your own. We’ll hear from real Scouters from the National Capital Area Council who have hosted a variety of successful tournaments for Cub Scouts and older youth.

Plus, you’ll get tips from real Scouts who love chess.

Thursday, Nov. 4

The day before the big match, Eagle Scout and chess grandmaster Kayden Troff joins the show to share strategy and help us prepare for the challenge.

We’ll also go over some key chess terminology that will help build your skills and get you moving on a few merit badge requirements.

Friday, Nov. 5

It’s time for the ultimate matchup. Can we work together to win a chess match against a grandmaster? We’ll find out!

Comment along with the show to vote on our next move! Make sure your comments are in proper chess notation (algebraic notation).

You can even vote for our opening move now!

Add Chess Fest to your calendar

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What: Chess Fest

When: Nov. 1-5, 2 p.m. Central


See you there!

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