Troop 66 uses a tripod to roast some of their turkeys at their annual Thanksgiving campout. Here’s how they do it.

1. Set up a metal tripod. Place three wire mesh cylinders (to serve as coal towers) attached to metal rods in between legs of tripods.

2. Cover ground with aluminum foil.

3. Remove giblets and neck from turkey.

4. Feed chain through turkey, securing at bottom.

5. Hang chain from tripod, ensuring turkey is at least a foot off the ground.

6. Wrap aluminum foil around wire mesh cylinders to create an oven.

7. Start charcoal. Once coals are glowing, fill each coal tower with coals.

8. Cover top of oven with aluminum foil.

9. Add coals to coal towers as necessary.

10. Cook turkey until internal temperature is at least 165 degrees.

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