The Eagle Scout medal symbolizes a difficult, rewarding journey that, for some young people, spans more than a decade.

While it’s impossible to replace the actual medal pinned on a proud Eagle Scout at a court of honor, the BSA does have a process for obtaining a replacement.

The same steps apply regardless of how the medal was lost — natural disaster, family move or any other reason.

Here’s how to replace a lost or missing Eagle Scout medal, certificate, congratulatory letter or pocket card.

Step 1: Purchase a replacement card and/or certificate

To get a replacement Eagle Scout medal, you’ll first need an official Eagle Scout card or certificate.

Go here to order one.

When ordering these Eagle Scout credentials, you’ll need the following information:

  • Name of Eagle Scout
  • Eagle Scout’s birth date
  • Month and year when the Eagle Scout award was earned
  • City and state where the Eagle Scout award was earned

The BSA, at its National Service Center in Texas, will verify the person’s Eagle Scout status. Once verified, the Eagle Scout card, congratulatory letter and/or certificate are shipped to the address provided.

Step 2: Purchase a new Eagle Scout medal and/or badge

Once the credentials (card or certificate) are in hand, the Eagle Scout can go to a local Scout Shop or council office to purchase a new medal and badge.

The Eagle Scout Award Kit, which includes the medal, pin and badge, is a “restricted item.” This means it’s only available in a local council trading post or Scout Shop with required paperwork.

Step 3 (optional): Consider re-presenting the medal at a court of honor

If the medal was lost because of a natural disaster or some other tragedy, consider making a big deal out of re-presenting it to the Eagle Scout.

This could be done at your troop’s next court of honor, further solidifying the message that “once an Eagle, always an Eagle.”

Thanks to the BSA’s Michael Lo Vecchio and Jeff Laughlin for the info.

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