This small camp table stands up by itself and provides a convenient raised surface for cooking and other uses. Here’s how to build it.


  • Four Scout staves (or hiking staffs) for the table legs
  • About 12 Scout staves for the tabletop
  • Two sturdy 2 1⁄2′ sticks (or a Scout stave cut in half)
  • One 20′ rope or cord
  • Two sturdy stakes


1. Start by lashing the four Scout staves and the 2 1⁄2′ sticks into two identical A-frames. The 2 1⁄2′ sticks will serve as the tabletop supports. They should be lashed on so when the A-frames are standing, they’re even and level, about 30 inches off the ground.

2. Next, stand up the A-frames so they’re about 4 feet apart. Take a 20′ line and find the midpoint. At about 2 feet away from this midpoint, tie a clove hitch to the top of one of the Scout staves of one A-frame. Repeat this process on the other side, attaching the line with a clove hitch to the top of one of the Scout staves of the other A-frame.

3. Secure each end of the 20′ line to stakes driven into the ground about 5 feet away so the line extends out evenly from each side of this table framework. After the tension is adjusted, the two A-frames will stand up in an impressively rigid fashion.

4. Lay out additional Scout staves, side by side, on top of the 2 1⁄2′ support sticks, and lash them in place using binder twine.

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