We understand what it takes to be a volunteer – the tireless commitment, selflessness, dedication, strength, knowledge, and the list goes on. Those are qualities that exemplify the men and women in Scouting, and we appreciate their efforts everyday. 

Volunteers like Chad Frisque are combining his talents in technology, theatre and service to enrich his life in a variety of ways.

“Volunteering has really helped me in other parts of my life,” said Frisque, Assistant Scoutmaster and Training Coordinator for Troop 474 of the San Diego-Imperial Council to Burwood.com. “I’ve learned a lot about myself working with children, and it’s taught me how to structure meetings, deal with people with short attention spans and keep people engaged.”

Frisque is a Senior Business Development Manager at Burwood, an IT consulting and integration firm, and he also performs as a tenor section leader and soloist with the San Diego Opera and his own company, FAB United. 

“Learning how to present yourself, learning how to interact with people, and being able to confidently deliver a message — those are all incredibly important things I’ve learned as a singer that have translated to every other area of my life,” Frisque said.

He says his artistic side has been hugely beneficial in his life, especially at Burwood, where he helps technology leaders solve their biggest IT challenges. Burwood has been an incredible supporter of Frique’s service in Scouting and has even invited his troop  to come to the offices for leadership training and merit badge days.

Among the youth in his troop is his 12-year-old son, Maxwell. Maxwell is a First Class Scout and patrol leader. Chad says “it’s been amazing to spend so much quality time with Maxwell.”

“My experience with Scouting and the troop has been very, very positive,” Frisque shared.

Learn more about how this volunteer is merging his passions to better serve in Scouting by reading the full story on Burwood.com

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