The news this month that an Ohio 17-year-old with the last name Eagle became an Eagle Scout got us at the BSA thinking.

How many Eagle Scouts in history have had that auspicious surname?

So we queried the Eagle Scout database. It should be noted that the database includes most of the 2 million-plus Eagle Scouts in history. But because we’re talking about records going back to 1912, it’s not 100 percent perfect.

With that little caveat out of the way, let’s go.

How many Eagle Scouts have the last name Eagle?

There are 63 Eagle Scouts with the last name Eagle — from Alan to Zachary.

Not counted in that 63 are those whose last names merely start with Eagle.

This longer list includes men with family names like Eagleman, Eagles, Eagleson and — my favorite — Eagleburger.

Add in that group, and the total becomes 141.

Are there any Eagle Scouts with the first name Eagle?

Awesomely, yes. There are three Eagle Scouts whose given name is Eagle.

That means their parents basically predestined them to earn Scouting’s highest honor, and they delivered.

Two are recent Eagle Scouts — 2002 and 2011 — but one, a Mr. Eagle Wilson of Dearborn, Mich., became an Eagle Scout on Dec. 13, 1930.

What about other Scouting ranks as last names?

I’m glad you asked! There are nine Eagle Scouts whose last name is Life. Life, of course, is the Boy Scout rank right before Eagle.

What about the rank before Life? There are eight Eagle Scouts with the last name Star (and 375 more who spell it with an additional r: Starr).

As for Eagle Scouts with the last name Tenderfoot, Second Class or First Class, my search for those turned up empty. But there were five with the last name Scout.

And finally, how’s this for overachieving? Sixty-one Eagle Scouts have the last name Palm.

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