Like any active Scout, Logan Garfield has amassed quite a collection of Scouting patches.

There are patches he earned for selling popcorn, patches he received for attending camporees and patches he acquired at summer camp.

Patches, patches and more patches.

The collection has grown so large that Logan’s mom, Sarah, calls it “a mini stockpile.”

In fact, when I asked Sarah to send me a photo of the patches, she confesses that “we couldn’t find them all!”

For each one pictured, there are two or three more tucked in drawers or stuffed in backpacks.

“I’m just not sure what to do with with them, so I would love some ideas,” she says. “I’m sure a lot of other parents would love to see this covered.”

Temporary patches, permanent memories

Sarah is asking about the patches that Logan, a Star Scout in Troop 16 of Arkport, N.Y., wore in the “temporary patch position” on the right pocket.

The only problem with temporary patches is a Scout can wear just one at a time. When one goes on, another must come off.

Hello, mini stockpile.

So what should happen to all those temporary patches? Some have trade value; all have sentimental value.

Though they’re called temporary patches, these are permanent keepsakes. They are manifestations of Scouting memories. They link you to a moment in time like no photo or video can.

They deserve better than a drawer or plastic baggie.

Show us your ideas!

So let’s hear it. Have you found a creative way to showcase, display or reuse your Scout’s patch collection?

Show us your vests and blankets, and if you have a particularly unique presentation, we definitely want to see it!

Please share your ideas in the comments section below. Bonus points if you include a photo. (To add one, just click the comment box and then select the image icon.)

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