Adventures await Cub Scouts — not only can they find them in their handbooks, but now they can find adventures online.

You can find brand-new, online-only Cub Scout adventures, called Preview Adventures, on the Cub Scouting program page. You won’t find these adventures in a handbook, at least, not yet. Preview Adventures are limited-time, experimental adventures your Scouts can earn. They will count toward advancement, just like any other elective adventures. Based on feedback from Scouts and Scouters, these adventures could be considered to be part of the next edition of Cub Scout handbooks.

Until then, requirements, den meeting plans and other resources can be found online. Adventure loops and pins can also only be purchased online at The recognition items for all ranks will be colored purple, signifying they’re in preview mode. Ordering the loops and pins and recording advancement in Scoutbook is available.

The ideas for Preview Adventures will come from the BSA, corporate sponsors and you. You can send ideas for possible future adventures to [email protected].

Hear Lisa Wylie, the new chair for the National Cub Scouting Committee, explain more about the Preview Adventures on the latest CubCast podcast.

The Protect Yourself Rules Adventure

One of the two Preview Adventures now available is the Protect Yourself Rules Preview Adventure. The BSA is committed to creating safe environments for Scouts and Scouters, so the BSA partnered with the Barbara Sinatra Children’s Center Foundation for the development of this adventure. For more than 30 years, the foundation has provided counseling for victims of physical, sexual and emotional child abuse.

This youth protection adventure uses curriculum that will help children recognize, respond to and report abuse. It’s available for Cub Scouts, from Lion through Arrow of Light.

It may be used as an elective or it can be earned in place of the Cyber Chip requirement for various ranks. This adventure will become required.

Before working on this adventure, the den leader should review Scouting’s Barriers to Abuse.

The Yo-Yo Adventure

Your Scouts can learn physics while having fun with the Yo-Yo Preview Adventure, sponsored by Duncan Toys. In this adventure, Scouts — from Wolf through Arrow of Light — can learn how to do a science experiment using a yo-yo, how to do basic tricks and safety rules.

Instructional videos are available, so your Scouts can see how to do the experiment and tricks.

This adventure will be an elective with the possibility of becoming a new adventure in the handbook later. Any corporate-sponsored adventure that is approved for the handbook will have the corporate branding removed.

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