It was only a year ago that Laura H., a Cub Scout in San Diego, was going to Cub Scouting events with her older brother, and, while she was participating in all of the activities, she wasn’t able to earn any of the achievements. 

Laura told the Times of San Diego that when she first heard the news that Cub Scouts would welcome girls like her, she actually screamed with delight.

“I was so excited that I could do more things with my brother and actually get prizes and get badges … all of the stuff that I did with my brother,” she said. 

For her mother, D.D., the experience would be one she’d long hoped to have available to her whole family. 

“I thought it was awesome,” D.D. said. “Yea! We can do one program, and not have to do two. I’m really excited about it.”

Cub Scout Pack of Girls Thinks Scouting is 'Awesome!'

Evangeline and Laura just joined Cub Scouts (photo: Chris Stone, Times of San Diego)

That exact thought, that parents are busy and are looking for opportunities to be involved in programs that serve their whole family, was a big part of why the BSA executive board voted unanimously to make the Scouting program available to girls. 

Evangeline R., another Cub Scout in the pack, had high praise for the experience she has been having so far in Cub Scouts. 

“It’s just awesome!” she said. “I like what they do. It’s entertaining.”

From a parent’s perspective, Evangeline’s mother thinks that enrolling her daughter in Cub Scouts, while remaining active in other programs she belonged to before will help her be more well-rounded. 

Erin Brown, who is the Cubmaster for the pack, said that Scouting has always been something that families did together, but now it’s more open so that everyone can benefit evenly. 

“In soccer, you drop your kids off and cheer them from the sidelines, but you’re not an active participant,” she added. “Whereas in Cub Scouting, the parent and siblings are active participants.” 

“These years go by so fast,” Brown went on to say. “We make memories together as a family and we start to teach them to be the independent people that we want them to be. The Boy Scouts allow both parents and siblings to participate in family camping.”

The Times of San Diego shares even more of this great story, including a wonderful gallery of photos of these new Cub Scouts participating in activities, learning Scout skills, and earning some of their very first achievements. Be sure to check out the article for the full story. 

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Do you have an Early Adopter Cub Scout pack in your community? What kinds of experiences have your new Cub Scouts enjoyed the most? Please share with us in the comments. 

All photos Chris Stone, Times of San Diego.

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