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Next week, Scout Life and #TrekAt2 are going all in on a science experiment you and your kids can do at home along with the show.

Science Museum Oklahoma‘s museum educator Kirsten Therkelson will join the Facebook Live to demonstrate how to perform the “Magic Milk” experiment, answer questions and talk about some of the ways Scouts can take advantage of programs offered at museums (bonus: Science Museum Oklahoma even has virtual merit badge classes!).

Supplies you need for the science experiment

Make sure to be ready January 25 at 2 p.m. Central with these supplies so you can join the fun in real time:

  • A shallow dish with a lip (to avoid spilling; dinner plates and tea saucers work well)
  • Food coloring (the liquid kind you have to squeeze; gel doesn’t work)
  • Liquid dish soap (the blue Dawn kind works really well, but any kind will do)
  • Milk (2% or whole milk; whole milk works best)
  • A small bowl or cup for the dish soap (optional)
  • Cotton swabs

This family-friendly experiment will demonstrate a few key concepts, like the power of soap. It also creates an incredible visual your kids will love.

How to watch #TrekAt2

A few minutes before 2 p.m. Central on Monday, January 25, head to Be sure to have your supplies and workspace ready because at 2 p.m., the Scout Life team will be live.

If you don’t see the livestream pop up automatically, refresh your tab.

Looking for more opportunities to keep your family members’ minds active?

Each week, #TrekAt2 keeps kids, parents and leaders engaged with timely Scouting stories, current event updates and incredible guests.

Learn more about #TrekAt2 and tune in January 25 for a chance to get your family excited about science!

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