Twilight’s coming and you know a swarm of biting insects will soon descend upon you and your Scouts. How do you prepare for the irritating pests?

All you need is a couple of seconds, and faster than you can say, “daddy long legs,” you can have a haven from insects thanks to SansBug. These nets can pop open with a simple toss — no strings, no knots, no weird angles — just an instant bug barrier. They work much better than any makeshift contraption made with mosquito netting and PVC pipe, plus the affordable SansBug nets are fully enclosed, preventing bugs from getting in underneath the netting or through the flooring.

Plenty of room and protection

The nets’ fine mesh stops the smallest critters from getting through, thus helping prevent diseases spread by mosquitoes and ticks. You won’t have to worry about any creepy-crawlies bothering you in the middle of the night. You and your Scouts can sleep in peace.

The nets fit on bunk beds or cots. When set up, the one-person SansBug nets allow for 6 feet of usable length, 39 inches wide of space and headroom of nearly 3 feet. If you want more room, the two-person net has 8 feet of usable length, 4.75 feet of width and an indoor height of 3.25 feet. The one-person net can fit perfectly in an A-frame canvas tent that are often the tents of choice at summer camp.

They come in two different floors: the tarp floor is more durable, but the polyester mesh floor can work on a pad and is less noisy than the crinkly tarp.

When it’s folded away into a 26-inch disc, a one-person net only weighs 2.2 pounds; the two-person weighs 3.5 pounds. The lightweight frame makes it easy and convenient to move to where you need it to be.

Recommendations from Scouters

Military, disaster response volunteers in Haiti and Puerto Rico, ecologists in Madagascar and doctors in the Amazon jungle have all used SansBug nets. Scouters and Scouts have used them, too, and here’s what they’ve said about the nets:

“I highly recommended it for those Scouts that do not bring their own tents. The ‘army style’ A-frame canvas tents at camp are terrible for bugs (spiders and mosquitoes) – and I think that your product is perfect for anyone sleeping in these types of tents (and other places).”

“[My son] has really enjoyed having his own protected ‘cocoon’ within the canvas tent – to the point that he prefers the A-tent at summer camp over bringing his own ‘sleep on the ground’ backpacking tent that he uses for Scout hikes.”

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