Do you remember your first Pinewood Derby experience? The design and build of the car, the anticipation of the big race, and then finally that feeling of excitement as the car races through the finish line – these are the memories that stick with you for a lifetime.

For 10-year-old Ally C. of Norton, Mass., she’s one of the first young ladies to experience those unforgettable memories as a Cub Scout.

“This is the first event I get to go to as a real Cub Scout,” Ally shared with The Sun Chronicle. “I’ve been a Cub Scout for two weeks.”

New Cub Scout Pack 27 member, Ally C. showcases her Pinewood Derby car prior to her first official race.

But this isn’t the first time Ally has seen the Pinewood Derby in action.  

“She’s been working with them for years, but now she gets to officially call herself a Cub Scout,” said Donna, Ally’s mother.

Now, Ally can finally proclaim herself a Cub Scout after working alongside the group for three years.

“She was pretty much doing all of the work but getting none of the credit,” said Beth Strojny, a Cub Scout leader. “I’m very happy about this. Ally has always excelled in the activities, and everyone has been very supportive.”

What do the boys of Cub Scout Pack 27 have to say about their recent addition? Beth says they’ve welcomed her with open arms. 

“The boys are all very welcoming too,” Strojny said. “A lot of them already knew her, so she’s made lot’s of friends.”

She also says there has been “unanimous support and encouragement from the Boy and Cub Scout leaders, as well as the parents of the boys involved.”

With a full working schedule between her and her husband, Donna says that having Ally in Cub Scouts also makes it easier on the whole family. The kids get to experience the fun of Scouting together, instead of splitting their time between two activities. 

“For us, we’re both working, and so it was hard to be there to take them places,” Donna explained. “This way is much easier for us, and Ally is happy.”

To read the full story of Ally’s first Pinewood Derby as a Cub Scout visit The Sun Chronicle. Top photo credit: Paul Connors/The Sun Chronicle.

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