Dear Scouting Family, 

With more than half of the year behind us, it’s natural for us to look back at the challenges we have navigated in the past few months, as a movement and as a country. But it’s even more important that we look ahead at the opportunities ahead of us.

This is the time of year when we band together with our volunteers to introduce Scouting to youth and their families. And even though many things may feel different right now, bringing Scouting to life for millions of young people is one thing that should not change. Sure, it might look a little different this year, but it is a calling that deserves our energy and attention right now.

We now have the opportunity to welcome hundreds of thousands of new youth and families into Scouting at a time when we are needed most. Youth, families, and communities need Scouting as a partner to help build character and leadership in young people during these uncertain times. While many other programs may not be possible during this school year, Scouting can and will continue.

To give families a taste of what Scouting can bring to life, we’re hosting Family Fun Fest, August 8 and September 12. Not only are these interactive, online events an ‘open house’ for Scouting, but they’re also a chance for families to break away from the at-home routines to enjoy a Saturday escape. Those of you who participated in the National Camp-In can attest to the fun these virtual festivities offer, as well as the family time they can create.

Family Fun Fest takes the excitement of Scouting activities, and kicks it up a notch with new faces, new skills to learn, and new experiences that families can enjoy together. The events will feature interviews with NASCAR drivers and astronauts, interactive games and activities, fun with pets, prizes, and in the spirit of Scouting, a service project supporting schools that everyone can participate in from home.

As fun as this event will be for all of us in Scouting, it is even more important to get the word out to our friends and family not yet in Scouting to join us for this virtual celebration of Scouting. This event is for families with Scout-aged kids who are looking for new ways this fall to prepare their kids for life. 

I ask that we all take a step out of our comfort zones this week and invite friends and families around us who could benefit from Scouting to join us for Family Fun Fest. If you have some famous friends that would like to lend their support, that too is welcome, but kids and families are the real stars here.

For the full details on Family Fun Fest, visit, where you can register for emails so you’ll get updates and be entered for a chance to win some great prizes.

Better yet, get in on the fun by downloading the Family Fun Fest Adventure Log to get the word out.

See you at Family Fun Fest on August 8th and September 12th – so we can show America how to Scout On!

-Roger Mosby


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