Article submitted by Carl Hanke, Field Director, Last Frontier Council, Oklahoma City

Fall Recruiting has never been more important to the success of our units, districts and councils as it is now. While states are starting to open back up on a limited basis through phases, it becomes vital that we honor our motto of “Be Prepared.” Planning and executing membership efforts this fall is no exception.

The first step is to set a goal that is meaningful, will get volunteers engaged in making a significant impact, and is attainable if normal membership operations are not able to occur. Next, through meeting with key volunteers and fellow professionals, brainstorm steps needed to achieve the goal. Finally, an action list is developed, and actions are assigned to the key stakeholders (Professionals, District Membership Committee, Unit Leaders) to execute these new strategies. 

One of the many things that the COVID-19 pandemic has helped us realize is the need to be innovative and agile in our daily operations. Additionally, these projects may be continued in future membership efforts. Here are some of the additional efforts we are running with in Oklahoma City:

  • Hosting Drive-Thru Sign-Up Events. If schools do not allow us to use the cafeteria due to cleaning policies, have a drive-thru sign-up in the parking lot.
  • Ensuring That Every Den Is At Full Strength. Every Cub Scout Den should have at least 10 youth and 2 adult leaders.
  • Making Videos To Use as Digital School Talks/Sign-Ups. If we are not allowed to visit students in classrooms or assemblies, videos can be used to reach them.
  • Setting Up New Cub Scout Dens in Underserved Communities. Partner with neighborhood associations to start new dens in areas where we don’t already have units.
  • Partnering with Online Schools.
  • Running a “Digital Blitz Week” for New Units.
  • Partnering With Other Digital Events to Promote Scouting. Use other youth activities that hold online meetings to promote Scouting.

The possibilities are limitless in our unique area of service. Hopefully, these help our units, districts, and councils become wildly successful, but there might be a few that don’t pan out the way that we think. We are all challenged to find new ways of recruiting youth, and it is our responsibility to make everything come together to result in membership growth.

Scouting Wire would like to thank Carl for submitting this article. 

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