Note: This is the 23rd in an occasional series where I share Eagle Scout project before-and-after photos. See the complete collection here.

To fully understand the impact Eagle Scout projects have on communities, you need to see to believe. That’s why I asked to see Eagle Scout project before-and-after photos — the same photos prospective Eagles are asked to include with their post-project report.

This week’s batch of 12 projects includes a handsome horseshoe pit in California, a majestic memorial in Florida and an antique apple orchard in Virginia.

What’s great is that you can multiply each individual act of stupendous service by more than 50,000. That’s how many Eagle Scout projects get completed every single year.

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Ryan from Virginia

Who: Ryan, Troop 155, Rustburg, Va.

What: Ryan and his helpers created an antique apple orchard in Long Mountain Park in Rustburg. Many people think that the only varieties of apples are those seven to eight they see in the grocery store, but there are many more. The project promotes as many different varieties of apples as possible to preserve them for the future. The goal is to educate the community and feed its residents and wildlife.

Ryan from California

Who: Ryan, Troop 716, Westchester, Calif.

What: Ryan and his helpers installed a rosary garden at St. Jerome Church.

Dylan from Kansas

Who: Dylan, Troop 888, Gardner, Kan.

What: Dylan and his helpers built a 24-by-46-foot metal shelter and four picnic tables and benches at the community garden in his town. The shelter and tables allow for educational classes and a place of shelter for the community gardeners.

Jackson from Illinois

Who: Jackson, Troop 282, Flora, Ill.

What: Jackson and his helpers arranged for his school to purchase a surplus scoreboard from another village in the school’s athletic conference. He then led the volunteers as they installed the scoreboard on the baseball diamond at the school, where his junior high co-op team plays home baseball games.

Noah from Minnesota

Who: Noah, Troop 506, Ham Lake, Minn.

What: Noah and his helpers designed a boardwalk for a trail system at St Benedict’s Monastery. After fundraising, Noah, along with his team, built the boardwalk over an area where runoff washes the trail away.

Chris from Missouri

Who: Chris, Troop 404, Kirksville, Mo.

What: Chris and his helpers remodeled a space to serve as the new home for a church-run clothes closet, which provides clothes at no cost to community members in need.

Jonathan from Texas

Who: Jonathan, Troop 1226, Houston, Texas

What: Jonathan and his helpers installed and landscaped a covered sitting area and built three picnic tables benefiting the Lamar FFA in Houston.

Matthew from California

Who: Matthew, Troop 444, Concord, Calif.

What: Matthew and his helpers improved local community recreation by removing and replacing an existing horseshoe pit in a neighborhood park.

Andrew from Missouri

Who: Andrew, Troop 118, Kansas City, Mo.

What: Andrew and his helpers built a fire pit in an Urban Core park for neighbors to congregate while their children play in the park.

Andrew from Tennessee

Who: Andrew, Troop 76, Jefferson City, Tenn.

What: Andrew and his helpers built and installed a “Little Free Library” caboose and an octave of playground chimes for Mossy Creek Station, an ongoing revitalization project in the downtown area of Jefferson City.

Crosby from Florida

Who: Crosby, Troop 113, Ocala, Fla.

What: Crosby and his helpers renovated and reconstructed the Garden of the Crosses Memorial at First Christian Church, breathing new life into a project originally accomplished by his dad 40 years before. His project is valued at nearly $51,000, and he led 65 volunteers to deliver 2,170 man-hours of service during 25 separate service days spread over 18 months. To date, approximately 100 members of the church community have chosen to spread their ashes at the site.

Ryan from New Jersey

Who: Ryan, Troop 63, Stewartsville, N.J.

What: Ryan and his helpers planned, fundraised and led the installation of an ADA addition to the Lopatcong Elementary School playground so all the the students can enjoy it. His addition included two ADA compliant swings, two buddy benches and a picnic table.

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