There is no question that first responders are heroes. But have you ever wondered what drives them to devote their careers to saving lives? Being a paramedic, for example, requires hard work and dedication to your community, but Denver paramedic Otis McKay says it’s all worth it, especially when you can inspire others in the process.

After hearing about the impact Exploring had in the lives of his colleagues, McKay decided to get involved in the program and became an advisor for an EMS post in Denver, Colorado. He expected to give back to his profession, but Exploring offered an added benefit he didn’t expect. According to McKay, the Explorers’ enthusiasm helped re-energize his own career, and refueled his passion for being a paramedic.

He explains that for youth who want to explore different medical careers, an EMS post is an excellent place to start. Here, Explorers develop a dynamic understanding of medical care, from anatomy and physiology, to 911 protocol and emergency room delivery.

Savanah H. always had a desire to enter the medical field, but wasn’t aware of many options beyond nursing or physician career paths. That all changed when she heard about EMS Exploring though one of her friends. According to Savanah, joining the Denver-based EMS post has effected her future in a big way.

“It’s something that has had a drastic impact on my life, and I wouldn’t be here today without it. I wouldn’t be in EMT school; I wouldn’t be pursuing this whole new side of medicine that I never knew existed.”

Exploring offers youth an opportunity to experience real-world career scenarios, preparing them for a future in a field of interest. Watch Savanah and Otis’ videos below to learn how Exploring can benefit professionals at any career stage, then head to to see how you can get involved.

Has Exploring made a difference to you or someone you know? Share your story with us in the comments!

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